May 30, 2017

Crossing Boundaries Dance Series at Dixon Place, 7:30pm

New work by choreographers who cross cultural, geographic & disciplinary boundaries.
Curated by Marcia Monroe.

Featuring Albert Delgado, Ramona Sekulovic, Martha Lavery, Malcolm Betts


June 11, 2017

Fertile Ground Series at Green Space Studio

New work by Barbara Mahler's Dances, Gio Kusanagi, Illuminations Dance Company, Le Moulin, Natalie Kolbo, and myself at 7pm


June 25/26, 2017

White Wave presents the 2017 SOLO DUO Festival

Performance of Untitled No. 1 set to Piano Etude No. 12 by Philip Glass


July 15, 2017

Work-in-progress showing in Stuttgart, Germany at Studio 32 at 5:15pm

Studio 32, Weissenburgstr. 32


October 5-8, 2017

White Wave presents the Dumbo Arts Festival at the Gelsey Kirkland ArtsCenter

Performance of Untitled No. 2 set to Piano Etude No. 6 by Philip Glass


November 12, 2017

WAXworks at Triskelion Arts with works by Luiza Karnas, Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, deb&co, Mira Treatman, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones and myself.


December 30, 2017

30-30-30 Year End Celebration


April 6-8, 2018

Austin Dance Festival at the AustinVentures Studio Theatre

May 19, 2018

The 16th Amalgamate Artist Series at New York City Center Studios


June 24/25, 2018

3rd White Wave SoloDuo Dance Festival at Dixon Place


September 28, 2018

Work-in-progress showing as apart of SharedSpace

Mark Morris Dance Center, 7:30pm


October 11-14, 2018

Dumbo Dance Festival at the Gelsey Kirkland ArtsCenter

October 26, 2018

Feldenkrais Explorations - Community Class at Green Space Studio, 1-3pm


November 3, 2018

Nacre Choreography Competition, Saratoga Springs

November 11, 2018

ShowDown, a performance and feedback series for works-in-progress at Gibney, 280 Broadway


November 30/December 1, 2018

Performance of Composites as part of Take Root

Shared evening with Inclined Dance Project at Green Space


December 3, 2018

Movement Research at the Judson Church

Work-in-progress showing

April 25-28, 2019

WestFest Dance Festival - Top Floor

Four Shared Evenings of Dance

May 19/20, 2019

4th White Wave SoloDuo Dance Festival at Dixon Place