Choreography, Text, and Performance: Ramona Sekulovic

Composer: Piano Etudes by Philip Glass

Dramaturgy: Nele Ana Riepl

Sound Design: Dusan Sekulovic

Film Projects

Humans Are Here, Too
Becky Chang, Interviewee
Kevin Fay, Interviewee
Zvi Gotheiner, Interviewee
Samantha Harvey, Interviewee
Scott Killian, Interviewee and Music
Elisa King, Interviewee
Patrick Leader, Interviewee
Nancy Schwartz, Interviewee
Luna Sekulovic, Interviewee
Nicole Smith, Interviewee

The Dancers
Amanda Wichmann, Direction and Editing
Emma Corbett Ashby, Direction and Editing
Manon Greinet, Dancer and Interviewee
Jessica Kammerer, Dancer and Interviewee
Julia Metzger-Traber, Dancer and Interviewee
Borbála Szente, Dancer and Interviewee

Hiromi Niwa, Performer
Daniel Bernard Roumain, Composer

Productions for the TanzKunst Project

Jin Ahn, Performer
Sara Grundman, Performer
Eva Schampaert, Performer
Laura Nash, Performer
Yoko Sugimoto, Performer
Mark Nelles, Performer
Hiromi Niwa, Performer

George Ilijin, Composer
Daniel Bernard Roumain, Composer

Dusan Sekulovic, Video Artist